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Metro Rail Corporation Limited
1. The Portal enrollment shall not bind NMRCL to give any priority or preference in the issue of Tenders and Placement of purchase orders.
2. This Portal enrollment does not guarantee that all or any of the enquires for the items registered would necessarily be sent to you, it will be
    at the sole discretion of NMRCL.
3. The performance shall be periodically reviewed by NMRCL for continuation of the enrollment with NMRCL..
4. If the performance is found unsatisfactory, NMRCL reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of the firm.
5. This portal enrollment does not confer any particular rights on the firm and NMRCL is not obliged to contact the firm for any or all of the
     requirements of the items for which the firm is registered.
6. If there is any change in the details like name, location of works/sales office, Management / organization structure, validity of certificates, etc.
     the same shall be intimated to NMRCL promptly along with relevant documents for correction/ done using the updation facility.
7. The documents submitted during portal enrollment shall be revalidated before the expiry of the same.
8. The firm shall take necessary action to get the timely validity extension of the digital certificate.
9. Vendor should have a legally valid CLASS II or Class III digital certificate with Organization name from any of the licensed certifying Authorities
     (CA) operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India.
10. Vendors are requested to upload scanned copies of all Documentary Evidence/Registration Certificate as above.
11. At present there are no charges for enrollment/Support/training for NMRCL etendering portal.
12. Incomplete application will be rejected by the system.
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